jQuery notebook wordpress plugin

 Q1.     What  is the best   view size  for jQuery notebook plugin ?

Ans :  The best view size   for the jQuery notebook plugin is 800* 500.

This is best for any computer screen.  Your can change this setting from backend.

But make sure the css background  default image is replace   by your best image

for great  look.  Background images are   place on fix size. This size is 800*500.

Q2 :   What Template  we can use  for this plugin.?

Ans :   This plugin comes  with  a default page template. You can use this page template as a model. Or you can use own page template.  For best look and feel you make a full page layout page template. So for use plugin page template  copy notebook-template.php file  from  wp-content/plugins/jQuery-notebook/   in your current activated theme directory. And  select Notebook page template  in page attribute.

Q3 :   Where  we can find support for this plugin ?.

Ans   If you have any problem related to jQuery notebook plugin , please  contact  me at bineet08@gmail.com .

Q4 :   How we can use this plugin .?

Ans :   Download digital jQuery notebook plugin  from  WordPress official Plugin

Directory .

Unzip zip file.

Upload folder on wp-content/plugins folder.

Go to backend admin panel. in plugin menu  option.

Activate wp digital book plugin.

Create a page. Use shortcode tage [digitalbook cat=’catid’]

Where catid is post category id which category post you want to show   in notebook style.

Q5:  Any suggestion for best use ?.

Ans :  jQuery notebook plugin is a fix layout . If you want to best use, Please insure that you post content not more than  50 line . You can also place image in post but insure that image width size is not more than 300px . You can also adjust post content text according to you. More content are   move outside jQuery notebook plugin  page layout. Because page height is 500px.


One response to “jQuery notebook wordpress plugin

  1. I am having trouble using the plugin. I use the shortcode toI specify which category to display, but all categories are being shown. What would cause this to happen?

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